Bible study and readings

Lockdown Bible Study (November)


For the next 4 weeks we will be looking at readings for Advent, Prophecy and Beginnings.


Spend time reading the Bible passages and read them in different versions of the Bible if you have them to hand (or go to


Also, read a few verses before, and a few verses after the passage, if appropriate, to give it some context. This is really important for understanding.


For each of the Bible passages, think about the following questions:


  • What puzzled or surprised you about the passage?

  • Did anything jump out at you as though you were reading it for the first time?

  • What did you learn from the passage?

  • What do you think it was saying to the people of Jesus’ time?

  • What do you think God is saying to you now through the scripture you have just read?


You may want a notebook to write down your thoughts.


Take the time to be still and to pray, thinking about the Word of God that you have read.



Week Beg. Sunday 8 November 

Isaiah 53

The Suffering and Glory of the Servant


Week Beg. Sunday 15 November 

Luke 1:1-38

Foretelling of the births of John and Jesus


Week Beg. Sunday 22 November 

Mark 1:1-20

Preparing the Way


Week Beg. Sunday 29 November 

John 1:1-18

The Word Became Flesh


If you have online access, teaching on these readings will be uploaded to the Allen Valley Website and on on a Wednesday.

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